GD1 - Series 1/3 - If we want diversity in tech where and how do we start?

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This is part one of a three-part 'GD1 diversity in tech series.'

How can we address and alleviate underrepresented groups in Aotearoa New Zealand tech industry?

Join our Community Manager Erin Anderson Scott as she hosts a panel and Q & A session + interactive workshop with key industry players.

From building youth and university pathways to hiring and employment, what is currently being done, and how can we do better will all be covered in a way that is not simply 'listen and learn but engage, share and collectively learn.'

In alignment with 'less hui, more doey' this session will go beyond talking about diversity and inclusion as a topic and deep dive into what actions we as individuals and businesses can and are taking to change the landscape of tech in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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12:00 pm

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