GD1 - Getting to first cheque status and beyond - A Silicon Valley perspective

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12:00 pm - 1:00 pm GMT+12

How to get to first cheque status and beyond - A Silicon Valley perspective.

Every startup Founder dreams of the first cheque and becoming a unicorn….well J Zac has done both.

Tune into a casual conversation amongst old friends to elaborate on what you can do to first secure funding from a high profile angel or VC firm. Vignesh and J Zac will then deep dive into the startup experience from an early-stage startup to scale up with firsthand learnings at iconic Silicon Valley unicorn companies such as Lattice.

As an experienced early-stage investor and Venture Partner at Craft Ventures (Considered the OG of SAAS investing in the US!)

J Zac not only talks the talk but has walked the walk.

We often hear that ‘knowing how and what to present’ is intimidating. The purpose of this chat is to demystify the first cheque process, touch on success stories and learnings, and what does and doesn’t work beyond that cheque.

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12:00 pm

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