Our philosophy

New Zealand doesn't suffer from a lack of talent or great ideas. 

Sometimes we lack the belief in just how far a great idea and team can go. The scale you surround yourself with and the ideas you absorb can make or break this belief.

Our conviction is that New Zealand tech can and will achieve outsized success at a global scale. And that we can do this while lightening our load on the earth, improving societal wellbeing, and increasing representation and diversity.

What we’ve learned over the years is that you only end up solving as big a problem as you scope. Taking an idea to global scale requires dreaming big, and believing bigger. And, that taking on a really, really big global challenge from New Zealand is hard -- but totally achievable. Success often comes down to the belief that what you’re doing and thinking and dreaming from New Zealand can go all the way.

That’s a hard thing to believe when you're alone in that belief.

So, we’re here to be your partner, supporter, champion, and protector of that belief -- of your global ambition. To foster it, fan it, celebrate it.

Together, we can achieve bigger when we believe bigger.

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