We’ve built companies, operated in global markets, and provide much more than capital.

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Executive Expertise Without the Burn Rate

We partner with our portfolio companies to help them grow with been there, done that experience and empathy.

“There’s work and there’s your life’s work”, this mantra from my time in Silicon Valley has always struck a chord with me, and now at GD1 resonates even more deeply. At GD1 we’re not all cut from the same cloth, we’re a mix of engineers, operators, investors, and we care immensely about helping our founders and their teams realize their collective life’s work. That’s why when you partner with us it’s more than just capital. It’s global first hand experience coupled with empathy. It’s executive expertise without the addition to your monthly burn rate. It’s about making your work add up to something big, something that couldn’t happen anywhere else. Welcome to GD1."

Vignesh Kumar

Co-Managing Partner, GD1

StretchSense — Premium hand motion capture solution.

Global Connections
on Demand

We’ve spent years working in the world’s leading global technology hubs, building extensive networks. Tap into our connections to go global, faster.

“Smart Money” adds value above and beyond the investment. Finding  a “smart” investor is hard. They are the most likely to understand your value before others do, get excited about your business, and be able to help and thus de-risk their investment. GD1 is a perfect example of what smart money actually looks like.”

Benjamin O’Brien

Founder & CEO, Stretchsense

JunoFem — Improving health for 1 in 3 women globally.

Support Through
Your Growth Journey

Our in-house and advisory experts specialize in each aspect of the growth journey, from raising capital to go-to-market strategy and operational excellence.

“GD1’s unparalleled support for JUNOFEM has given the team confidence to take the necessary steps for real growth of the company. As a technical founder, the team has been given invaluable advice, from go-to-market strategy to governance structure,  which continues to ensure that we are well  prepared for our next round of investment.”

Jenny Kruger

Founder, JunoFem

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