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If you want to get a handle on how well a product is performing - you ask users for feedback. Spotlight Reporting is Xero's #1 reporting and cash flow forecasting app and has pages (and page…and pages…) of awesome reviews: “Huge fans!” ; “Excellent customer service…” ; “Helps customers see their business clearly…”

In Founder Richard Francis’ words, Spotlight Reporting “Automagically create beautiful reports and forecasts that used to involve manual desktop software; and ugly, fiddly spreadsheets.” The platform offers comprehensive performance reports, full three-way forecasting, customisable dashboards and advanced consolidated reports for multi-entity businesses and franchises. 

Built by progressive accountants, for progressive accountants, Spotlight Reporting is the preferred choice for the Big 5 (Deloitte, PWC, EY, KPMG, BDO). It’s integrated reporting and forecasting allows accountants to create insights that inform better business outcomes, empowering them to be advisors; and to have the right conversations with customers.

Founded in 2011, the company has offices in over 10 cities across the world.

“GD1 has been an instrumental partner for Spotlight Reporting. They’ve championed our global expansion with just the right amount of encouragement and hands-on involvement, balancing that with trust in our leadership team,” says Richard. 

We share a little more about their journey... 

Key statistics

  • Company stage: Series A
  • Founded in: 2011
  • Staff count: 62
  • Locations: Offices in over 10 global cites, including Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, London, Newcastle upon Tyne, Toronto, LA and Pittsburg. 

Other ‘vitals’: 

  • Spotlight Reporting works with all of the ‘Big 5’ accountancy firms as well as the most progressive Xero accounting firms 
  • They’ve been names ‘Xero App Partner of the Year’ three times 
  • They’ve grown a truly global company from Wellington beginnings 

What problem does Spotlight Reporting solve? 

“A traditional view of accounting is that it’s backward-looking and compliance driven. This is crucial as it keeps the ATO and IRD happy, but in reality, there is no-one else better placed to interrogate company data, ‘forecast forward’, ask the right questions and make suggestions than an accountant. Spotlight Reporting gives accountants the tools and forecasts they need to talk about the future with their clients,” explains Richard. 

Spotlight Reporting’s suite of tools is ideal for accounting firms, business owners, CFOs, franchises, and nonprofits seeking greater clarity and insights around the financial performance of their business. The multi-product solution is able to add value at every stage of the business lifecycle, and for every business size, including dashboards for small business, reporting and consolidation for complex, medium sized businesses and forecasting or ultra heavy-lifting aggregation and comparison for hundreds of franchises, including performance benchmarking. 

Why is Spotlight Reporting such a well-loved product? 

Spotlight Reporting is designed by accountants, for accountants. The company Founder is a Fellow Chartered Accountant; and its Product Team members have all been in practice as accountants and advisors. “We know what Chief Financial Officers are looking for in a product; what data matters most; and how to make data meaningful to both customers and stakeholders,” says Richard.  

In addition, Spotlight is well-known for great service and its ‘partnership model’ with customers, providing a dedicated Customer Success Specialist for onboarding and growth, thought leadership, training resources and a 24/7 Support team.

Why did Spotlight Reporting seek funding? 

Spotlight’s Series A funding was used to fuel territorial growth, including global expansion and key hires within these regions. 

Why is Spotlight Reporting a great investment for GD1? 

Spotlight has proven that it’s able to add value to clients across the globe. With plans to unlock the potential within several key markets, including North America, the UK and Ireland, there’s exciting potential for even greater success.


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