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Portfolio Company Profile

Ever heard the saying, ‘You can have quality or speed - but not both…’? Shuttlerock is a company challenging this notion.

Shuttlerock’s Creative-as-a-Service platform gives brands and agencies access to world-class, handcrafted creative delivering attention-worthy ads at a faster speed, lower cost, higher scale and unrivaled quality of that ever seen in the  digital arena, putting an end, once-and-for-all, to creative compromise.

From as little as a single static image, Shuttlerock will amplify existing assets into ads for every screen, placement, objective, and audience. In 2021, Shuttlerock produced more than 44+ ads for brands worldwide.

Founded in 2011, the company operates in 30+ languages and are Official Creative Partners with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Hulu, Snapchat and Amazon. Shuttlerock  has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Austin, London, Berlin, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, Auckland and Nelson, New Zealand and a client list that includes Asics, BMW, Mr Muscle and many other global brands. Only three per cent of its income comes from New Zealand, with Asian, European and Americans companies comprising its biggest clients.

“GD1’s support has been foundational to our success. Chintaka and the team have given invaluable guidance and have worked tirelessly on promoting, connecting and mentoring our teams,” says CEO & Founder, Jonathan Hendriksen.

We share a little more about their journey:

Key statistics

Company stage: Series A
Founded in: 2011
Staff count: 280
Locations: Shuttlerock is digital-first and has a physical presence in over 100 locations.
Other ‘vitals’:
- Constant YoY growth globally;
- Official Creative Partners with all leading digital channels;
- 13 global offices;
- 100+ in-house creative experts;
- Purpose-built cloud-based technology for managing the creative process.

What problem does Shuttlerock solve?

Briefing in creative, waiting for concepts from designers, providing feedback and then waiting for changes to be made… all of that can take days, sometimes even weeks. At best, this severely delays omni-channel marketing efforts. At worst, it costs companies engagement and leads.

Shuttlerock takes the headache out of producing digital creative by reinventing  an entirely new creative model designed to meet the needs of the modern marketer.

Via their cloud-based technology, Shuttlerock enables brands and advertisers to brief, revise and deploy creative in any format, for any platform and in any language. Using a brand's existing assets - from as little as a static image - Shuttlerock delivers on-brand, best-practice compliant creative at unmatched quality (all creative is handcrafted in-house), speed (as quick as three days), scale (the power of tech!) and price (Shuttlerock are the first to provide creative on a subscription model).

Why is Shuttlerock such a well-loved product?

Shuttlerock has democratised ad creation and production, unlocking access to scalable, rich digital content that moves audiences to engage like never before. Its in-house animators, motion designers, sound artists, visual effect engineers and creative specialists who know your brand like it’s their own, adhere to best-practices, leverage proprietary technology and guarantee satisfaction, every time.

The product’s front-end has been described as ‘beautiful’ - with an Apple-esque focus on user experience and simplicity.  

Why did Shuttlerock seek funding?

Shuttlerock’s Series A raise was used to supercharge its sales and marketing efforts and grow its tech teams. The company has proven that you can build a truly global company from New Zealand’s shores. Next up? Building a billion dollar enterprise!

Why is Shuttlerock a great investment for GD1?  

Shuttlerock is pioneering a new way of delivering creative at a time when the demand for it has never been higher. They’re on a steep growth trajectory, fuelled by a relentless focus on quality and scale. We can’t see them being anything but successful.

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