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Portfolio Company Profile

For disruptive SaaS technologies, product quality is a vital ingredient for success, driving both conversion (because yours is ‘10 x better than what they’re currently using’) and loyalty (because yours ‘just keeps on getting better’’). 

“Subscription numbers are a powerful reflection of quality. Because customers can cancel at a moment’s notice, you’re constantly looking for ways to deliver even more value,” believes Tim Copeland, Co-Founder of, who has achieved 600% growth in subscription numbers over the past 12 months. has built a ‘beautiful’ product that challenges the grey-suited business domain of its more traditional competitors. The platform enables cloud based planning, tracking and forecasting of capability and capacity through a powerful, incredibly user-friendly friendly, infact, that companies often set up a trial and are up and running within hours, skipping months of implementation and contract negotiations typically seen with other solutions in the same space. Leveraging the power of, systems and management are less likely to get in the way of doing great business. 

Importantly, with ‘new normal’ now an accepted term used to describe modern-day employment, is as flexible as work environments are unpredictable. It’s a modern response to a trend dubbed ‘the great resignation’, seeking to optimise employee experience through clever integration of ‘the employee voice’ - including features that ensure employees are working on projects that match their skillset; and doing work that’s the most meaningful to them. 

40% of’s customers are US-based (including Fortune 1000 and 500 customers); with a further 30% in Europe, including the UK and Denmark.’s users include startups, SMEs and corporates across 35 countries, with plans to continue to expand rapidly,  supported by GD1’s team of international advisors. 

We share a little more about their journey...

Key statistics

  • Company stage: Seed 
  • Founded in: 2018 and following intensive R&D, launched in 2020
  • Staff count: 15 and growing 
  • Staff locations:’s team is based across New Zealand, the UK and Denmark; while it plans to expand its physical presence to the US (bulk of customer base) and globally 
  • Strong expansion revenue within existing accounts and very low churn 

What problem does solve? 

By nature, technical companies often manage a high number of projects simultaneously with people moving between these projects to juggle utilisation. Disconnected systems or complex spreadsheets used to manage these dynamics are often stress tested when projects go on hold, priorities change or people leave a company or team. A standard approach to managing these changes is to ‘tighten up the screws’ and compartmentalise absolutely every aspect of the business. This, however, comes at the cost of agility and flexibility, without which very few businesses are able to survive in today’s market.  

In addition, talent is a scarcity in today’s economy and will be for some time. If people aren’t happy; if they are not doing work that is meaningful to them and offers a high level of flexibility, they’ll simply leave. Add to this a workforce who is often disconnected from management (can anyone say ‘remote working’) and frazzled by change; as well as the complications of a global pandemic and you have a resource management nightmare. 

How does work and why is it effective? was built for project managers, operation leads and resourcing managers for project delivery; and team leads or department heads responsible for managing people. It offers real-time resource management for the modern workforce; with a level of agility as yet unmatched by any other software. Its cloud-based interface is powerful and quick ( describes it as ‘wicked fast’) with features that make it easy to deal with complexity and change. A handy scenario planning feature, for instance, allows users to quickly see how winning or losing new work will affect resourcing and the company’s bottom line, or what skill sets a company might need to hire based on their future sales pipeline.

Importantly, was built with employees in mind and attempts to reduce friction in every possible way. In, timesheets clearly show what was planned, so your team only needs to make adjustments when plans change. The platform’s predictive models help employers understand demand and available capacity, including the impact of project and milestone changes on people. This enables them to predict total resource requirements, optimise the workload of individuals and teams, and avoid the kind of bottlenecks and delays that prevent people from doing better work. In short, using, teams are better equipped to handle change without breaking a sweat; and companies are better equipped to look after and value their people. 

Businesses and corporate teams powered by include software development shops, digital agencies, architects, lawyers, engineers and accounting firms.

Why did seek funding? 

Driven by a commitment to quality, is looking to further build its product out in order to accelerate growth. It is also, however, hyper focused on maintaining its incredible culture as it grows its capability and team. 

Why is a great investment for GD1?  

Covid has accelerated an environment in which we need modern solutions for managing people. In many ways, has built ‘the right product at the right time’. Fittingly, while is a NZ-based company, it has been ‘global from day one’, having been built by a globally distributed team located and now servicing customers in 35 countries around the world.




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