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This year Runn has seen explosive growth!

A massive congratulations to Co-Founders Rowan Savage, Nicole Tiefensee, Tim Copeland, and the entire Runn team. We are excited to support Runn as they continue to accelerate! As mentioned in Scoop Independent News, Runn is built with employees in mind. They help startups, SMEs and corporate employers understand the demand and capacity of a companies greatest asset, their people.

Runn has the internal corporate culture to succeed and grow at pace. Currently, 40% of their customers are in the US, (including Fortune 1000 and 500 customers) and a further 30% in Europe.

“Covid has fast-tracked an environment in which we need modern solutions for managing people. In many ways, Runn has built the right product at the right time” - GD1 Co-Managing Partner John Kells. We couldn't be more proud to support Runn in their growth journey alongside Wavemaker Partners, NZ Growth Capital Partners, K1W1, and Malborough Angels in this round!

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For more information also check out Henry Burrell's write-up via BusinessDesk NZ >>

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