Meet the GD1 team - Penelope Young, Operations Analyst

GD1 Team

With unwavering optimism, an ability to ‘keep calm’ under trying circumstances and a love for the pursuit of audacious goals, meet Penny

Why venture capital?

“The venture capital space represents a whole lot of people with HUGE goals; doing HUGE things. The environment requires an aggressive growth mindset; but it’s a lot less ‘stiff’ than the traditional finance vertical. What’s not to love?”

More importantly, why GD1?

“From the moment I met the team, I knew GD1 was different. They asked interesting questions about ‘who I was’; not just ‘what I could do’. I was sure this was a place that cared about my ability to do great work and to grow. They’re also one of the most established VC firms in the country and have future-proofed their success by focusing on partnering with kiwi companies set to go global in future. It felt a bit like boarding a rocket ship!”

What do you do at GD1, 9-5?

“I support everything (and anything) related to keeping GD1 running as smoothly as possible. This could include onboarding new investors; communicating with our current investors; ensuring accounts are up to date; eventing; keeping the pantry at our office stocked and more… In short, it’s my job to anticipate the type of support stakeholders might need (logistical, financial and tech-related); and to act quickly and efficiently so that those needs are met. I’m what you might call a ‘business enabler’...”

What makes a good Operations Analyst?

“Hands down, it’s the ability to think through things logically and methodically; and then the ability to meticulously manage tasks and time to support a plan. Operations is a ‘thoughtful’ job and you need to be able to put in the upfront thinking that helps create success.”

What’s your superpower?

“I don’t get stressed. I have an unwavering belief that I can make things work out if I keep a level head and I am often able to do so in situations where others might blow up. Some might call this ‘Lucky girl syndrome’ but it’s simply the idea that if you believe you're lucky and maintain high levels of gratitude, good things will come to you.”

What gets you up in the morning?

“I am always excited about the day! I love getting out and meeting new people and having new conversations. I also get a kick out of making people happy; which is perfect given my role at GD1.”

If you won the lotto, what would you do?

“I’d still want a job and I would still work; but I would buy some expensive clothes; do some extensive travel; and make some sizable charitable donations.”

What would you say to someone wanting a career in venture capital?

“The VC world needs your skills. I come from a recruitment background which makes perfect sense, given VC is all about identifying talent. Skills are transferable so don’t disqualify yourself from entering an industry you’ve been admiring for a while.”

Connect with Penny via LinkedIn here.

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