GD1 Investment Notes - Unofficial (Web3 Fund 1)

Investor Notes

We’re thrilled to announce that we have participated in Unofficial’s pre-seed round. Unofficial is a composable social and marketplace company focused on decentralised social.

The Problem

Centralised platforms have transformed their spaces into environments where users feel like commodities. As these platforms expand, their focus shifts more towards extracting value from users. Their primary goal? Boosting revenue. However, once they've reached a certain size, they lose interest in building with others — be it developers, creators, or businesses. Users are left grappling with the challenges inherent in centralised systems. And if they opt to leave the platform, they risk forfeiting their brands, businesses, and the content they've created.

The Solution

Unofficial is a composable social company built as an alternative to traditional social media. Chris and Erica aim to build fun and engaging ways to be with your many friends on-chain, communities off-chain, and family all around the world.

“We are in the activity and connection business, not one that separates people and polarises. My goal is to bring people and communities together; that is the primary mission of the company with a long time horizon.” - Christopher Wallace

The team

Chris is a strong founder who spent many years working at Web 2.0 consumer companies like Spotify and Peloton. He is bringing his talent and experience to building the next generation web3 decentralised social solutions. Erica has strong experience as a product designer in web3 and Web 2.0 and her experience perfectly complements Chris’ as a cofounder. 

We are super excited to join Chris and Erica on their journey as they leverage this funding round to grow their team and come out with their first set of products. They are looking for a contract staff-level engineer who wants to architect and help them Unofficial. Get in touch if you would like an introduction to Chris!

We are actively looking to support more web3 projects. If you’re building something in the space, please do get in touch. Our DMs are open. :)

Written bY
Nawaz Ahmed



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