GD1 Investment Notes - Sablier (Web3 Fund 1)

Investor Notes

We’re thrilled to announce that we have participated in Sablier’s US$4.5M seed round. Sablier is building the world’s most reliable infrastructure for money streaming and token distribution.

The Problem

There are two main problems that token streaming solves, first is discrete finance, which introduces trust assumptions and leads to inefficient markets (e.g. payday loans), and token distribution infrastructure. On-chain organisations require a reliable and automated solution for distributing tokens to employees, contributors and investors.

The Solution

Paul, the founder of Sablier published the first token streaming proposal for Ethereum in November 2018 (ERC-1620). Following this Sablier launched the first money streaming protocol in 2019. 

There are a range of use cases that token streaming is currently being used for, these include token vesting for investors and teams, salaries and contractor payments, grant payments for DAOs and Airdrops.


Sablier has been the leading on-chain token distribution and money-streaming solution for five years now, with over 65K streams created, US$50M in stablecoin volume, and over US$161M in median TVL over the past three years. The protocol has been used by organisations like Shapeshift, NounsDAO, VitaDAO, Maple Finance and hundreds of others for vesting, payroll, airdrops, grants, and other similar use cases.

The team

Paul and Razwan the co-founders of Sablier are crypto natives and have had significant experience building and designing web2 products as well. They will be using a portion of funds from this round to hire top talent from across the world to bolster their team.

We are super excited to see the next phase of Sablier, as leverage this funding round to improve and expand their current product offering with an open-ended streaming product, enabling an even better user experience for use cases involving recurring payments, such as payroll. And as they build a next-generation payment platform (codename: "Sablier V3") that is currently in stealth mode.

We are actively looking to support more web3 projects. If you’re building something in the space, please do get in touch. Our DMs are open. :)

Written bY
Nawaz Ahmed



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