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Investor Notes

🚀 NextWork: the future of personalised education 🚀

We are excited to announce that GD1 has led the first round of investment in AI-enabled EdTech platform, NextWork. 

We spend a third of our lives at work and NextWork is on a mission to ensure that time is both enjoyable and well-paid. By redefining education and being the world's premier personalised education solution, NextWork provides a unique learning experience for individuals early in their careers or those looking to upskill and transition to a new path.

NextWork Founder, Amber Joseph. GD1 Co-managing Partner, John Kells.

🎯 The problem

AI and technology are accelerating our productivity on a daily basis; but a traditional approach to acquiring new skills - such as full time studies - doesn't work for most adult learners with competing priorities such as a job or children. At best, online learning isn’t working; and at worst, it’s stalling our progress as the gap between technology and how well prepared we are to use it is widening. Never before has this type of education been as essential; but there is a lot of ‘noise’ out there and it’s hard for learners to determine which institutions and classes are credible.

What people need to thrive and not fall behind is easy-to-access and understand human-friendly training that will upskill and prepare them for a new career within an incredibly digitised world. 

Traditional education is often delivered through a rigid one-size-fits-all curriculum, and is expensive and time-consuming. Equally, self-directed learning can be daunting, and high-quality, up-to-date resources are challenging to find. NextWork is here to change that!

🚀 Revolutionising the future of education 

Next Work has built a personalised learning platform that puts learners in control - including how fast they study; and how they prefer to learn. It aims to empower them to learn to create a career that works for them and to earn a thriving wage.

NextWork’s ambition is to educate 80% of the world by delivering a personalised end-to-end educational experience, backed by a supportive community and customisable content tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

NextWork is set to transform education by focusing on three crucial areas - time, progress and learning style - and providing perfect, personalised courses every time through:

  • A dynamic learning experience that evolves with the individual preferences of each student.
  • Ensuring trust by remaining at the forefront of industry knowledge and standards to deliver relevant coursework.
  • Being community-driven, grouping students with similar profiles into cohorts and fostering a thriving supportive network with deep engagement.

💪 The founder and team

Amber’s journey from her university days, graduating in Computer Science, to the inception of NextWork, showcases a remarkable evolution. Having recognised the gap between academic education and industry needs, she embarked on a journey of significant market validation and an adventure of self-directed learning, mastering Salesforce and other technologies.

Many hours were then spent mapping out and delivering targeted coursework, and direct engagement with students, leading to testimonials and successful career transitions as students secured positions across technical industries. Her innovative approach kickstarted the creation of a transformative educational venture, NextWork.

Amber’s extraordinary qualities as a thoughtful, natural-born leader, underline her passionate and relentless commitment to solving real-world problems. She envisions a world where everyone pursues their dream job. We see in her the qualities we look for in founders: grit, determination, and intelligence. The team is evolving with best-in-class domain expertise to work tirelessly on their game changing EdTech platform.

📣 Go-to-market

The early strategy focuses on building awareness and trust, partnerships and valuable content distribution. NextWork’s fast growing reputation, brand, credibility and community-building will play a pivotal role in their growth journey. The roadmap includes a focus on product development to scale and expand globally from day one, with the ultimate goal of transforming education worldwide.

🌍 The opportunity

The EdTech market is thriving, valued at $123.4 billion in 2022, and is set to reach $301.3 billion by 2030. NextWork's initial focus on cloud certifications for students globally targets a market size of $4.8 billion before expanding into numerous industries and verticals.


In closing, we would like to recognise Amber for her vision, passion and dedication. Thank you for selecting GD1 as NextWork’s lead investor in this round. We also welcome  Blackbird, Icehouse Ventures, Phase One Ventures and the founders of Eucalyptus into the round alongside us.

We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey together to make education truly personalised and accessible in order to reshape the future of learning, growth and empowerment! 🚀🌐

Written bY
John Kells



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